Private Medical Insurance (PMI) and COVID-19

Updated 2 April 2020

Tuesday 24th March’s historic announcement that many private hospital groups are to be made available as an NHS facility, increases the additional bed capacity to help in this crisis significantly, together with more than 20,000 additional healthcare staff.

Together the NHS and Private hospitals will provide much needed support if the Coronavirus spreads as anticipated over the coming weeks and some private hospitals may also be used to enable the NHS to continue carrying out other urgent operations and cancer treatments.

These are positive responses from PMI providers to this crisis but we can appreciate that you could be questioning the continued value of a PMI policy. We would like to remind you that the PMI plan is an insurance, and in an ideal world wouldn’t be used (as it would ordinarily only be used if someone were to become ill). Most plans also come with a host of other benefits that offer additional value through private medical insurance or health cash plans, such as:

  • Digital GP services
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Online and telephone based mental health support
  • Added value services and discounts

The links below set out some of the main PMI providers’ stance on COVID-19 for information.

Private Medical Insurers are working hard to provide support to clients with the introduction of new benefits, additional features to cover, and extensions to cover periods or cash back. We expect updates and announcements over the coming days, and we will keep you informed of future developments.