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EBCam helps your employees and senior team understand and appreciate their employee benefits and pensions and through presentations, webinars and one to one meetings to plan for a brighter financial future.

We offer a range of financial education programs to meet your needs and budget. Your employees can discuss their situation with a friendly financial adviser, we can help with simple guidance on pension transfers and investment options through to more complex financial plans and advice.

We also work with our in house and if appropriate partner IFAs and other specialist consultants and ensure that the business, directors and all your team has access to the right advice and guidance for their own personal needs and circumstances. These can include a review of their whole financial situation, a cashflow analysis to bespoke investment management solutions.

It is important we get an accurate picture of your employees’ financial needs and wellbeing. Our considerable experience means we can analyse and assess your workforce and demographics to provide insights into benefit  trends and challenges so we can help tailor sensible and bespoke modern solutions to help your employees and your business thrive. 

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We work with employers to design, manage and support a range of employee benefits.

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